Operation Blood Drill

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    The peace involving Russia and Georgia is about to break. We know Russia is the strongest side of this conflict, so we will strike first, causing them the maximum damage before the retaliation. 

    Russia has some oil drills working 24/7 on the coast of Sochi, those drills are responsible for about 30% of the oil supply in the region of the Black Sea (Russian side), so our first strike’s intention is to slow down the military supplies and mobilization due the lack of fuel for all the vehicles. 


    Two squads will takeoff from Tbilisi before sunrise, it’s going to be a safe fly to Kobuleti, after land in Kobuleti we will refuel and rearm and take-off for the next step of the operation.

    Our two squads will follow different paths, the 54th will be responsible for drawing attention of the Russians radar, flying over a high profile straight to Nalchik ,so expect some fast response by the Russians.

    15 minutes after the 54th start the second part of the mission, the 433th will takeoff in a slow flight thru the ocean, avoiding Russians radar. At the way point 6 -Marlyn (433th WP) the 54th will change course to the main objective and give cover and intelligence for the 433th attack the objective.


    • Takeoff from Tbilisi before sunrise inbound to Konuleti.
    • Refuel and ream at Koboleti.
    • 54th will takeoff climb to 35.000ft heading NE
    • 15 minutes later 433th will takeoff and fly at MSL to the objective
    • (433th) inform crossing over WP6  – Marilyn to start the second part of the mission
    • (54th) Change course, heading to the main objective
    • (54th) conquest air superiority over the objective area and provide intelligence to the 433th
    • (433th) attack the oil drills and any secondarily target around the red zone
    • Do a full stop in Batumid


    1. No civilian casualties
    2. Avoid direct combat against Russian Air Force
    3. Avoid low passing over enemy cities or unknown areas
    4. Mission time: 2:30:00 minutes

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