Escape From Tarkov Dicas e atalhos do teclado

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    Basic Advanced
    Shift – Sprint

    Caps Lock – Walk

    Mouse Wheel – Incremental Movement Speed Adjustment

    C – Crouch

    Hold C + Mouse Wheel – Slowly Changes Stance by going up/down

    X – Prone

    F – Interact

    W, A, S ,D – Movement keys

    Q, E – Lean left and right respectively

    Spacebar – Jump

    Tab – Inventory

    Left Mouse – Fire Weapon

    Right Mouse – Aim Down Sights

    Middle Mouse – Freelook

    R – Reload (requires loaded magazines in your rig or pockets; replaces the magazine in the rifle with a fresh one, placing the old one in the rig unless no space is available in advance, then it will be dropped on ground)

    Double Tap R – Quick Reload (magazine drops to the ground instead of the rig)

    T – Switch Tactical attachment On/Off

    O – Check Raid Timer

    L – Look at Weapon

    B – Change Firing Modes

    V – Knife (Right click for Stab and Left Click for Slash)

    Hold R + Mouse Wheel – allows to pick chosen magazine/ammo to reload from all available ones.

    CTRL + T – Cycle modes (Either Flash Light, Laser or IR laser/searchlight)

    SHIFT + T – Chamber Check

    ALT + T – Magazine check (To check how much ammo you have left) (Look at right bottom side)

    ALT + A/D – Incremental Lean. Must manually lean back by tapping a lean key as it does not reset

    ALT + S – Around Corner Blind Fire

    ALT + W – Over Ledge Blind Fire

    ALT + Right Mouse – Switch to Alternate Optics

    ALT + L – Fold Stock

    G – Quick Throw Grenade

    ALT + B – Check Firing Indicator

    Double Tap V – Quick Knife Slash

    LALT + B : Fold/Unfold Weapon Stock

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